A cow shows the same pattern of behaviour and movements every day. Standing and Lying Monitoring tracks different aspects of this pattern: walking, standing and lying time, the number of times the animal stands up and the number of steps she takes per day. The system accurately tracks the cow 24/7 and issues alerts if there are any changes from the average of the past few days. The Pedometer detects the Heat and decreased activity for a costant herd control. The software permits to schedule calendar event and Farmer, veterinary and genetic Consultant can be costantly informed about the status of the cows. Detailed information can be displayed through a simple PC or Smartphone with a simple internet connection. Operators are updated about which cow is in heat, at what time the estrus has started and what's the best period to proceed with the insemination. The software displays all the details on a user friendly chart. The early detection of decreased activity permits to intervene on subclinical illness that can compromise the lactation and the health of the cow.


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  • ID: 111
  • Name: Pedometer
  • Category: heat-detection-and-eating-monitoring