KUHN SW 1614


The SW 1614 is a full hybrid bale wrapper that can wrap medium square bales 80 cm x 60-90 cm up to 180 cm in length, and round bales up to 150 cm in diameter. The two pair of adjustable steel rollers provide a deep cradle for the bale and even rotation to ensure proper film overlap. The hydraulic high grip film cutter has a long stroke to help accommodate various bale lengths. The automatic parallel loading arm, with standard round bale kit, ensures gentle, on-the-move bale loading in all weather conditions. Due to its unique low-profile chassis design with wide track wheels a second bale can be carried during wrapping to increase overall efficiency. The SW 1614 can be operated via the 3-handle cable control, electro-hydraulic joystick or computer control box. The enhanced SW 1614 C has integrated ,,AUTOLOAD function’’ . Price: Contact us


Bale dimension square (Width x Heigth x Length ) (m)	0.80 x (0.60-0.90) x 1.80Bale dimension round (Width x diameter) (m)	 (1.20 x 1.50) x (1.00 x 1.50)Max bale weight (kg)	800/1000Oil consumption (l/min)	26Cable control	StandardComputer control	OptionalRemote control	Optional1 x pre-stretcher 750mm film	Standard

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  • Name: KUHN SW 1614
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