Acid 50


Acid 50 is concentrated, packing more cleaning power into each ounce – so you have to use less! It is effective and economical in moderately buffered water.


Acid 50 is designed for moderate cleaning conditions and is ideal formid-range conditions.• Concentrated – packing more cleaning powerinto each ounce – so you have to use less!• Economical – meant to be an economicaldrop in replacement for Acid 60 on dairies thatdo not have Barium in their water; ideal formid-range conditions• Blended formula – blend of both organic andsulfuric acids for great cleaning ability, preventsmineral and milkstone deposits• Low-temperature tolerant – can be usedbelow 68?F (20?C)• Equipment friendly – neutralizes residualchlorine and alkali in the milking system, andwill help extend the life of all rubber products• Eco-friendly – phosphate free formula doesnot impact environment

Product Details

  • ID: 79
  • Name: Acid 50
  • Category: cip-chemicals