Buy online kuhn lsb 870Buy online kuhn lsb 870
Buy online kuhn lsb 870
Buy online kuhn lsb 870
Buy online kuhn lsb 870


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Buy online KUHN LSB 870, the large square balers are designed with simple, but efficient techniques like Integral Rotor and Power Density. The KUHN LSB balers are made for their purpose; baling without compromise. Moreover, unique on the LSB balers is that they will bale in all various crops such as silage, hay, straw, alfa alfa, maize straw, and sugar cane leaves. Even more, crops as hemp by using our special hemp kit. Where crop cutting is required, the OptiCut cutting system will do the job.

All main intake functions are protected by cam clutches to provide maximum security and efficiency. After the crop is gathered and pre-compressed in the pre-chamber, the crop is moved upwards into the bale chamber in front of the plunger. After that, reaching its pre-set length the bale is secured by 4 twines knotted by the patented TWIN-STEP Knotting system. All LSB models are ISOBUS compatible.

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Bale length (cm)
between 60 and 300
Pickup pickup width (cm)
Piston cadence (counts / min)
46 min -1
Control of the pressure of the canal
3 hydraulic cylinders
Length of the pressing channel (cm)
Number of knotters
Twine regulator
Feeding system
Rotor with integral technology
Max. Dimensions Pneumatic – single axle
710 / 40-22.5
Max. Dimensions Pneumatic – tandem axle
620 / 50-22.5
Bale size: width x height (cm)
80 x 70
Control box
ISOBUS (VT 50 / CCI200)


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