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Guard 100

Guard 100 is ideally formulated for automated liquid dispensing CIP systems. Guard 100 provides the lowest cost-per-wash value, superior cleaning results, no wasted product and limited chemical handling for added safety.


Buy online Guard 100 which is more than just CIP cleaning! The super-concentrated formulation delivers maximum cleaning power in a minimum amount of time. Hence, Guard 100 can be used in most hard water conditions.
• Versatile
– high levels of sequestering agents make Guard 100 effective in even the toughest hard water
• Powerful
– specially formulated for cleaning fatty and greasy soils from equipment surfaces
• Safe
– non-corrosive and safe for use on
-stainless metals such as aluminum
• CIP Washers
– ideally formulated for automated liquid dispensing CIP systems
• Economical
– save up to 50% on pipeline detergent and acid; recommended starting dilution of 30 ml (1 oz.) to 15-34 liters(4-9 gallons depending on water quality and soil load

Above all, you can easily buy online Guard 100 through our website. Add to your cart now!

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