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Dairy Solution Private Limited offers you to buy online Eating Monitoring for cows. it monitors aminal eating behavior and health issues.

Eating Monitoring

Cow wearing NeckTag for eating and heat detection

Optimal daily roughage time: 4/5 hours

Changes in eating behavior indicate that there may be something wrong with the animal and that it should be checked more closely. However, eating monitoring is particularly important in the period before and after calving when an animal is more susceptible to disease. Because of changes in its environment, feed, energy balance, and stress. Futhermore, the NeckTag proposed by InterPuls monitors the time each day the animal takes in roughage.

So, the NeckTag Eating Monitoring function is automatic tracking of signals that highlight potential health problems in the individual animal. Thanks to the long-range antenna, the Eating Monitoring fits free-stall and grazing farms.

NeckTag for heat detection and eating monitoring of cows
-Accurate eating monitoring.
-Wrong collar positioning alarm.
-24/7 Heat detection – Health attention.
-Long-life battery.
-ISO identification option.
-Calendar events.
-User-friendly software add-on.
-Fits to free-stall and pasture.

Above all, you can easily buy online Eating Monitoring for cows through our website. Add to your cart now!

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