Heat Detection & Eating Monitoring

Heat Detection For Cows – Pedometer

  • Standing & Laying
  • Heat Detection
  • Health Monitoring
  • Calendar Events


Dairy Solution Private Limited offers you to buy online Heat Detection for cows – pedometer. UHF Heat Detective is the latest release in automatic heat detection. A pedometer is ideal for the dairy farmer that aims to achieve the highest profitability in estrus detection across the herd. Therefore, it represents an innovative and user-friendly solution that indicates exactly when each cow is in the heat!

Fix the Pedometer onto the cow’s leg and connect the antenna to the control unit. The antenna collects the activity data in 2-hours-blocks. Hence, the Pedometer exchanges the data 24/7 with the antenna, assuring a real-time herd overview.

New feature: Standing & Lying

A cow shows the same pattern of behavior and movements every day. Standing and Lying Monitoring tracks different aspects of pattern. Such as walking, standing and lying time, the number of times the animal stands up and steps she takes per day. So, the system accurately tracks the cow 24/7 and issues alerts if there are any changes from the average of the past few days.
Pedometer for heat detection and eating monitoring of cows

-24/7 Heat detection
-Standing & Lying monitoring
-Low activity alert
-Long-life battery
-ISO identification option
-Calendar events
-Ergonomic design
-Heavy duty

Furthermore, the Pedometer detects the heat and decreased activity for constant herd control. Also, the software permits the schedule of a calendar event. So, Farmer, veterinary and genetic Consultant can be constantly informed about the status of the cows.
Cow wearing pedometer in farm

Moreover, detailed information can be displayed through a simple PC or Smartphone with a simple internet connection. Operators are updated about which cow is in heat, at what time the estrus has started and what’s the best period to proceed with the insemination. The software displays all the details on a user-friendly chart. Due to early detection of decreased activity permits to intervene on a subclinical illness that can compromise the lactation and the health of the cow.

Above all, you can easily buy online Heat detection for cows – Pedometer through our website. Add to your cart now!

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