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Dairy Solution private limited gives you an opportunity to buy online BouMatic HiFlo Evolution pulsator. Some of the characteristics are mention below;

Durability, reliability and easy maintenance are only the beginning of the HiFlo Evolution pulsator story. Since 2008, this pulsator has been amazing BouMatic customers with its simplistic but premium design. You do not need any tools to disassemble the BouMatic HiFlo Evolution pulsator. Because it quickly connects and disconnects to the vacuum line.

  • Built to be efficient and offer reliable operation and complete milking.
  • Also, guaranteed for a high level of durability and ruggedness.
  • No stallcock is needed in HiFlo Pulsator. It can easily connect and disconnects the vacuum line.
  • Minimal parts and simple design makes it easy to maintain; Even more, it requires no tools to take apart and reassemble. Pulsators from other manufacturers are filled with small, fragile parts that can turn routine maintenance into expensive, frustrating and time-consuming challenges.
  • BouMatic has designed wiring harnesses that further improve installation and eliminate potential wiring errors.
  • Electrical contacts are protected and watertight to ensure a reliable and rugged unit.
  • The BouMatic HiFlo Evolution pulsator offers perfect, reliable pulsation for complete milking.

The performance advantage of the HiFlo Evolution is found in its low-cost service requirement, easy installation, and rugged durability. Periodic service can be performed in about one minute compared to more complex pulsators on the market today. The HiFlo Evolution can quickly and seamlessly retrofit into virtually any brand of the existing milking parlor.

The HiFlo Evolution pulsator boasts a simple, robust design requiring only eight different parts. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials and components. It requires no tools or special handling for its service and maintenance. Above all, you can easily buy online BouMatic HiFlo evolution pulsator from our website.

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