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Agricultural machinery for baling and wrappingAgricultural machinery for baling and wrapping
Agricultural machinery KUHN Baler Wrapper FBP 3135
Agricultural machinery for baling and wrapping
Agricultural machinery for baling and wrapping

KUHN Baler Wrapper FBP 3135


Two KUHN technologies combined in one machine, the Baler Wrapper FBP 3135. This top-of-the-range professional model is able to follow perfectly the relief of the ground, even the most inclined slopes and can work with all types of windrows. Therefore, The FBP 3135 BalePack ISOBUS control press has multiple functions controlled from the cab. So, It can cope with the most hostile conditions anywhere in the world. Also, the 2.30 m wide pick-up is equipped with a pendulum system of outstanding reliability, even under the most difficult conditions. The BalePack press is available with two different cutting systems with 14 or 23 knives ( OPTICUT 14 and OPTICUT 23 ). While both integrating the selection of the number of active knives. Even more, the rotor hydraulic release and standard flap release technology ensures fast evacuation in case of blockage. Furthermore, The formation of the ball begins in the POWER TRACK 18-roll pressing chamber. Directly after the net-wrapping process, the bale is quickly transferred to the wrapping table. Hence, thanks to the quick-detecting rear door and side guiding plates. As an option, the FBP 3135 can be equipped with a unique 2-roll film binding system for exceptional silage quality at a reduced cost. Above all, our exclusive IntelliWrap technology ensures complete management and better control of the wrapping process. Most noteworthy, the FBP 3135 BalePack press is equipped as standard with BEKA-MAX. Automatic chain lubrication system and high-quality transmission chains, guaranteeing robustness and maximum reliability of the press.

Bale size: width x height (cm)
Pickup pickup width (cm)
Number of rows of teeth
Turret roller
Net or film-net binding
Feeding system
Double tooth cutting rotor
Ball formation
18 PowerTrack rolls
Control box
CCI 50 / CCI 200
Max. Dimensions pneumatic
500 / 45-22.5
IntelliWrap (optional 3D wrapping system)
End of film sensor


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