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agricultural machinery KUHN Baler Wrapper i-Bio+agricultural machinery KUHN Baler Wrapper i-Bio+
agricultural machinery KUHN Baler Wrapper i-Bio+
agricultural machinery KUHN Baler Wrapper i-Bio+
agricultural machinery KUHN Baler Wrapper i-Bio+

KUHN Baler Wrapper i-Bio+


Thanks to the unique design of the KUHN Baler Wrapper i-Bio+ press, with integrated wrapper, two operations are combined in one machine. Very compact it weighs only 3700 kg. The use of state-of-the-art technologies such as the integral technology rotor and INTELLIWRAP wrapping ensures high-quality bales.
Furthermore, the KUHN Baler Wrapper i-Bio+ is available with cutting systems OPTICUT 14 and OPTICUT 23, designed for an unlimited supply performance and excellent cutting quality.
Hence, both systems are offered with the selection of knife groups. In addition, double safety is guaranteed by the rotor series hydraulic clutch. The technology of unblocking the decompression hatch which ensures a quick and easy elimination of possible congestion. Also, the i-BIO + baler bale press chamber has 18 rollers with a PowerTrack profile for constant ball rotation.
The i-BIO + press has dual-bearing bearings powered by a centralized lubrication system. The automatic BEKA-MAX chain lubrication system for maximum robustness and reliability of the press. A net binding system with active stretching technology ensures perfectly shaped bales thanks to the constant tension of the net during the entire binding process. The net is introduced into the front of the chamber to ensure the immediate start of binding. Two vertical hydraulic film cutters rise from the bottom of the pressing chamber to hold and cut the film. Above all, The i-BIO + wrapper is ISOBUS compatible. The patented * film bonding system, integrated with IntelliWrap technology, is a unique feature. KUHN has designed this system to offer multiple benefits in terms of cost reduction, environmental protection and ease of use.
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