TMR Wagons


Capacity (m3) 45. Augers Vertical.
Number of augers
3. Distribution type Right and left (side delivery).
Overall height (m) 3.45.
Overall width (m) 2.86.
Weight (kg) 13313.
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 151. Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 180.
Maximum number of Dairy Cows which can be fed with one load between 225 and 360

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Buy online KUHN Euromix I 4570– for large farms!

Buy online KUHN Euromix I 4570 with the capacity of this range extends from 28 m3 for 140 to 225 herds of dairy cattle, up to 45 m3 for herds of 225 to 360 dairy cattle fed in a single run.

Measuring just 2.74 m in height, the 28 m3 KUHN EUROMIX I 4570 model is designed to access low-volume sheds.

So, Their high capacity means that a large quantity of fiber in whole bale form (up to six bales of haylage) can be chopped and mixed for suckling and finishing farms.

TRIPLE-AUGER VERTICAL EUROMIX I – a design worthy of public works vehicles!

However, demands relating to machine use (ration weight, the unladen weight of the machine and daily distance covered) have shaped its development specifications:

– Independent integral frame: The weighing system comprising six load cells yoke-mounted between the oversized frame and the hopper.
– Hopper designed for intensive use: The hopper thickness and design have been studied to cope with intensive use. The hopper alone on the 45 m3 model weighs almost 5 tonnes.
– Three types of axles available to suit all types of journeys: fixed tandem, tag tandem, and tag tridem.
– Auger drive units: The 28 and 33 m3 models feature the angle gearbox system that now equips the entire Kuhn TMR mixer range. The 39 and 45 m3 models are fitted with an industrial-class angle gearbox.

TRIPLE-AUGER VERTICAL EUROMIX I – industrial feeding without compromising on nutritional quality!

With the triple-auger vertical mixing concept, the product is circulated around the entire hopper. Ingredients are incorporated in identical order to single-auger and double-auger vertical mixers.

In addition, the geometric design of the mixing augers integrates the recent developments made on other models of Kuhn TMR mixer. Such as the double pitch at the end of the auger and the second scraper at the base of the auger. Whole bales are quickly broken up and expanded.

Like, the other models in the Kuhn TMR mixer range, the EUROMIX I with three vertical augers has two adjustable counter-knives to adjust the length of the strands at will.

As for feeding, farmers will be able to “customize” the machine to the layout of their sheds. You can buy online KUHN Euromix I 4570, the range incorporates the 70 Series with direct feeding via a discharge chute (or by an add-on tilting conveyor where troughs are present). Moreover, it’s 1100 mm wide doors positioned at the front and/or rear and on the left and/or right of the hopper to improve feeding output considerably.


Capacity (m3)
Number of augers
Distribution type
Right and left (side delivery)
Overall height (m)
Overall width (m)
Weight (kg)
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW)
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp)
Maximum number of Dairy Cows which can be fed with one load
between 225 and 360


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