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Dairy Solution Private Limited offers you yo buy online KUHN Euromix II 1460 Flexidrive. It is a small unit can be fitted in every type of tractor cab.

However, it is available in two sizes (14 and 18 m3) EUROMIX II Mixer-Feeder Wagons stand out particularly due to their robust design, easy loading and unrivaled user-friendly controls.

Moreover, models are equipped with FLEXIDRIVE and designed to produce mixed rations based on long-fiber fodder such as hay and haylage.

With its symmetrical body design, EUROMIX II can discharge even fodder strings to either side of the machine.

Above all, buy online KUHN Euromix II 1460 Flexidrive with characteristics such as;

Easier loading! The EUROMIX II design combines large body capacities and low loading heights: 2.97 m for the 18 m3 EUROMIX II!

With its “mushroom” mixing concept, the entire volume of the body is maximized irrespective of the loading point.

Electric controls as standard: designed for fingertip control of the machine. The small unit can be fitted in every type of tractor cab. The controls are compatible with future growth in the size of the holding as discharge conveyors can be added later.


Capacity (m3)
Number of augers
Distribution type
Right and left (side delivery)
Overall height (m)
Overall width (m)
Weight (kg)
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW)
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp)
Maximum number of Dairy Cows which can be fed with one load
between 75 and 110


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