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We would like to introduce Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. as a premium full service dairy farm machinery seller and service provider, with total focus on customized products as well as turnkey solution of complete Dairy farm builds and sale of after market products.

Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. is part of the National Group which is the largest and most integrated nationwide Dairy farming infrastructure solution provider in Pakistan.

Why Choose Us ?

High Quality Work

Our highly trained project team understands the essential elements to balance costs with time-to-market and rollout requirements. We optimize the coordination, communications, and resource usage to turn tight rollout project plans into reality.

High Tech Machinery

Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd represents BouMatic USA as exclusive distributor for Pakistan. BouMatic USA is one of the largest companies of the world to provide best dairy machinery and CIP Chemicals with operations around the world.

Clean Environment

We are under obligation to protect the working environment (both on and off the site) and to limit damage and nuisance to people and property resulting from pollution, noise and other results of the operation.

High Skill Staff

Dairy Solution employs experienced Sales staff, AI Technicians, Project Managers, Civil Engineers, Project Coordinators, Installation Supervisors, Draftsmen, QC Inspectors, Technicians, and the necessary support staff.

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About Us

Dairy Solution Private Limited is a privately owned registered company, working in as dealer of BouMatic

Authorized Dealers for Pakistan

Turn-Key Company Projects include: Farm Design, Key Management Personal, Selected Semen, Harvesting Equipment

Headquarters Company BouMatic LLC (USA)

Our mission is to be the one stop shop for the Farmers. To work with the best companies in the world and to bring best quality products at best price from all over the world for our farmers.