Benefits of Mobile Milking Machines

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Benefits of Mobile Milking Machines

Benefits of Mobile Milking Machines

The milking process is the collection of milk from an animal by hand or by milking machine specially designed for it. The milking process through milking machines is divided into different steps. Such as, inspection and cleaning of teats, attachment of milking equipment to teats, and massaging the udder, extraction of milk and then removing milking equipment. Milking machines are designed for rapid and efficient extraction of milk without damaging the teats or glands. Also, with minor risk of transferring pathogenic microorganisms that might cause mastitis.

Hand Milking vs machine milking

Hand Milking vs Machine Milking

Thus the physical and functional interface between the teats and of milking machine is carefully designed to minimize the risk of intramammary infection caused as a result of milking. But incorrect vacuum or pulsator setting or worn teat cup liners can increase the risk of intramammary infection.

Milking machines have lots of advantages that detect the flow rate of milk from glands. Mention the milk drop rate to a specified level. Milking machines can also prevent from over-milking. In fact, all the activates must be scheduled in dairy farms. Farmers are committed to milking in the early morning and in the evening regardless of personal health or family responsibilities. These are the factor which affects the milking if not followed properly it can reduce milk production and lead to other health problems. So, these are the main factors for the decline in small scale dairy farms.

Interpuls mobile milking machine

Mobile Milking Machine

Milking machines are very useful for small scale dairy businesses that fulfill farmer needs in less labor cost and other expenses. On large scale, these milking machines are used in large numbers making milking parlors or milking lines. Less workload, milking consistency, increased milking frequency, lower stress environment, herd management is the most proven advantages of mobile milking machines.

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