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Mastitis Prevention

Mastitis is a common disease in dairy cattle all over the world. It is the inflammation of the glands and udder tissues. It usually occurs as an immune response to bacterial invasion of the teat canal through bacteria present on the farm. This disease cannot be identified by every farmer as it can only be identified by abnormalities in the udders such as swelling, heat. Redness, hardness or pain in the teat or udder. Other symptoms of mastitis may be abnormalities in milk such as water presence, flakes or clots.

Infections always put pressure on animals. The healthy animal soon overcomes these symptoms. In order to prevent mastitis, it is important to identify factors that may have a negative effect on the functioning of the immune system. Most importantly edema may causmastitis preventione mastitis, this is more common in the animal having the first calf. The swelling is painful and they change to cow’s lying down pattern. They also lower the feed intake which can lower their immune system. In some cows leaking milk can also give chance to environmental bacteria to increase the risk of mastitis. In some dairy farms, farmers are used to milking the cow before calving down. Milking before calving reduces the pressure in the udder.


Treatment of mastitis is possible but only with a long-lasting antibiotic. Milk of those cows is not useable until the mastitis cure fully. For checking, whether treatment is working or not special tests are conducted. Vaccinations of mastitis are also available but they only reduce mastitis and cannot prevent the reoccurring of infection. For prevention from mastitis Dairy Solution Pvt. Ltd has a wide variety of products. You can visit our website and check out our products through this link,



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