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Dairy Solution Private Limited is a privately owned registered company, working in as dealer of BouMatic offering;

Authorized Dealers for Pakistan
– Sales and installation of Milking Equipment
– Sales and installation of full range of BouMatic equipment and services
– Factory trained technical personal

Turn-Key Company
– Turn-Key Projects
– Farm Design
– Key Management Personal
– Selected Semen
– Harvesting Equipment

Headquarters Company – BouMatic LLC (USA)
– Milking Equipment
– Milk Cooling System
– Chemical Products & Supplies
– DX Aftermarket Products and Supplies

BouMatic History
– 1947: Industry’s first open-front can cooler is introduced.
– 1951: Dari-Kook® bulk milk cooler is first to provide major labor savings by eliminating the need for milk cans.


We would like to introduce Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. as a premium full service dairy farm machinery seller and service provider, with total focus on customized products as well as turnkey solution of complete Dairy farm builds and sale of after market products.

Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. is part of the National Group which is the largest and most integrated nationwide Dairy farming infrastructure solution provider in Pakistan.


Dairy Solution employs experienced Sales staff, AI Technicians, Project Managers, Civil Engineers, Project Coordinators, Installation Supervisors, Draftsmen, QC Inspectors, Technicians, and the necessary support staff. We have hired the professional services of expatriates from Australia and New Zealand who have over Ten years experience in the Dairy industry.

Please see attached Personnel Inventory of Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. permanent employees. Group employees are not included in this list and can be provided upon request.

2Project Management Team5
4Sr. Engineers & Engineers2
5Field Supervisors10
6Import Manager1
10Finance, Business & Others10


Dairy Solution provides the following products and services to the Dairy industry:

  1. Site Acquisition and designing
  2. Complete Civil works
  3. Supply of Cubicles and Head Locks
  4. Supply of Animals
  5. Supply of Agri Machinery
  6. Supply & Installation of Milking machines/parlors
  7. Supply & Installation of Milk cooling Tanks
  8. Supply & Installation of Single/Double Milk Bucket machines
  9. Supply & Installation of Milk processing machinery (Pastuerizer, Homogenizer, Cream separator)
  10. Supply of CIP Chemicals
  11. Supply of Teat Dips and Hoof care products
  12. Supply of disinfectants


We can handle complete Dairy farm site builds. To achieve the above objective, we have hired the professional services of expatriates from Australia who have a vast experience in the Dairy farming industry. We can further increase our capacity if proper notice is given, backed by a firm commitment.

We are equipped with the necessary communications equipment to enable instantaneous responses to problems encountered in the field.

Our warehouses/workshop is located at Raiwand Road, Lahore.


All field teams are equipped with mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tools, consumable materials, vehicles to enable efficient, safe and professional installation.


Our highly trained team is committed to provide a safe working environment for all persons permitted to be on site. All effort will be made to keep the site clear of any needless obstruction to avoid any risk to these people. We shall comply with all safety regulations.

Environment Protection:

We are under obligation to protect the working environment (both on and off the site) and to limit damage and nuisance to people and property resulting from pollution, noise and other results of the operation.


Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd represents BouMatic USA as exclusive distributor for Pakistan.

BouMatic USA is one of the largest companies of the world to provide best dairy machinery and CIP Chemicals with operations around the world.

At BouMAtic the Milking machines are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability encountered in industry.

BouMatic USA is also the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Milk cooling tanks.

Disinfectants, chemicals, water softeners, Hoof management of BouMatic USA are also best named in the world.

Our Goal:

Our highly trained project team understands the essential elements to balance costs with time-to-market and rollout requirements. We optimize the coordination, communications, and resource usage to turn tight rollout project plans into reality.

Project Implementation Methodology:

Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. Has a fully complement of departments that work in coordination to serve Dairy farmers and Milk processing units. All staff of each department is fully trained in the necessary fields to provide a comprehensive solution.

The Departments are as follows:

  • Import
  • Procurement
  • Documentation
  • Engineering
  • Acquisition
  • Civil Construction
  • Quality Control
  • After Sales Service
  • Coordination

Progress reporting:

Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. has engaged high level professionals and put in place management processes that focus on customer satisfaction for quality and implementation timelines. Our main project management methods include evaluation of a project master plan which sets objectives for all facets of the project. Comprehensive coordination data-bases are maintained at the apex which includes data and information from all departments (Import, site acquisition, construction, quality, logistics etc.) thus enabling project managers to track activities of all departments and expedite action on all pending issues.

Some of the Project management process includes:

  • Customer Project requirement
  • Project Panning – MS Project Tool
  • Logistics Planning
  • Assignment of work to different business areas
  • Daily Project Tracking Sheets
  • Identify Risks and Solutions
  • Set and attend weekly Project meetings

Site Acquisition and designing
Complete Civil works
After Sale Maintenance
Customer Satisfaction

Message From The CEO

Our organization’s philosophy just move around CUSTOMER SERVICE. I believe that every one of us should stand beside our customers. We have to do our best to bring them the best.

As I look at the growth of our organization since our inception, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. We have successfully expanded from one city to across the nation, while earning our clients’ trust along the way.

Every one working in this organization is owner of this organization and we believe this sense of ownership take us much ahead of our competition. Our belief is that every one should grow as the organization grows.

Perhaps most importantly, it gives our employees a clear understanding of what’s required for them to succeed, so that every Dairy Solution teammate can contribute to his or her full potential. In an industry where competition for talent is intense, a work environment that’s centered on integrity, respect and opportunity is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top-quality people, at all stages of their careers.

Thank you for your consideration of DAIRY SOLUTION. Whether your interest is as a possible client or candidate, we treat everyone with respect, dignity, and humility. Our goal is to best serve our clients to “Make Great Things Happen!”

Thanks and best regards,

Syed Hasan Raza

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About Us

Dairy Solution Private Limited is a privately owned registered company, working in as dealer of BouMatic

Authorized Dealers for Pakistan

Turn-Key Company Projects include: Farm Design, Key Management Personal, Selected Semen, Harvesting Equipment

Headquarters Company BouMatic LLC (USA)

Our mission is to be the one stop shop for the Farmers. To work with the best companies in the world and to bring best quality products at best price from all over the world for our farmers.