Automation of Milking System: is it useful?

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Automation of Milking System: is it useful?

The automatic milking machine Is used for the milking of the dairy animals, without the human labor. These automated milking systems can be as modern as a robot working on its own.

These dairy milking systems can do more than just milking the cows, they can collect the valuable facts and data about milk production, the activity of the cow, and other useful statistics which on the other hand are almost very hard to collect manually.

The automatic milking system is becoming more and more common worldwide. But unfortunately in our country the manual milking system is still used widely. Its high time that we start upgrading these manual milking units to automatic.

We will be sharing some insights about how useful the automatic milking system with software can be.

Firstly, the automatic milking systems does not need to be managed by a large amount of work force and can reduce number of workers. On average the time for milking can be reduced up to 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the herd with help of these milking systems.

Secondly these automatic milking machines are consistent and can repeat tasks without any issue, where as humans are affected by many factors like climate, time of the day or even health issues. But dairy milking equipment can work continuously.

Mainly, these milking system help farmers in making effective decisions. With lot of data in hand, farmer knows milking capacity of a cow, conception rate, FCR, days in milk, Vaccination schedule, exact time of insemination, heat detection etc. On basis of this information farmer can make culling decisions and with every passing day, cows herd become more productive and better herd. This ultimately contribute towards increased income of a dairy farm.

Theses milking machines do not need a huge budget or human resource for its maintenance, they only require ordinary but periodic maintenance which results in better quality and hygienic milk. Also a step towards better teat health scoring.

Purchase of a milking system is most important decision for a dairy farm. Farmers should know the size of herd with which he wants to start dairy and ultimate umber of cows which he wants to reach at the location. Number of milking cows decide number of milking points needed at your farm. Second decision is about level of automation. Role of your vendor is very important in this case as vendor can evaluate a dairy farmers need and suggest accordingly. One can opt for a fully automated system with herd management software from the day first or can gradually move towards automation depending on farm’s requirement but important is to have budget for upgradation and maintenance of your milking system on yearly basis.

To sum it up, automatic milking system can be termed as revolutionary. These can be setup in both small and large scale farms to increase the output. With less input more output can be easily achieved.

If you are making a new dairy or looking to expand, you may consult us at Dairy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. We will advise for best fit as per needs of your dairy.

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