How to start a dairy farm in Pakistan?

How to start a dairy farm in Pakistan?
How to start a dairy farm in Pakistan?

Are you looking to start a dairy farm? In Pakistan, dairy farming business is a very hot topic as everyone finds it compelling and profitable. Unfortunately, many people fail and end up closing their dairy farms due to a lack of information and poor management. The dairy farm is a long term project which needs proper management like other businesses. Small to medium businesses take at least 3 to 4 years to establish and to expand.

What is the most difficult part of making a dairy farm? The difficult part of setting a good profitable dairy farm is the selection of high quality, high yielding, and environment suitable animals. This is the most time-taking and difficult step for a dairy farmer. One popular option is of imported cows. Many people would suggest not to go How to reduce heat stress in Holstein Friesian in Pakistan?for imported cows as they are expensive and are not suitable for Pakistani weather but it could be your best investment because of milk yield and better breed as compared to our local animal breed. Imported cows can give average milk of 35-40 liters per day whereas local breeds give about a maximum of 15-18 liters per day.

  1. Environment.

You can get more profit from your dairy farm if your cows are happy and stress-free. This can be achieved by providing them with a good environment and better temperature with the help of fans, water sprinklers, and properly ventilated shed.

  1. Foodcow eating food

The feed of your animals must be clean and fresh so that they can produce good quality milk. Take good care of lactating animals and pregnant animals. Make their feeding area separate. Lactating Holstein Friesian cows are fed 1 kg of dry matter feed per 1.75 liters of milk produced. It is better to use a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) wagon for feeding the cows.

  1. Water

Clean drinking water in clean troughs should be available all time especially in summer. Each adult cow consumed 50 to 80 liters of water per day. Freshwater maintains milk production capacity of your animal.

  1. Udder health

Hygienic and clean milking three times a day (morning/afternoon/ evening) lowers the chances of mastitis as udder health and hygiene is most important in dairy animals.

Moreover, proper storage of milk should be done preferably at a temperature of 4°C. The animals should be ear-tagged with information on animals such as breed, age, date of birth/ purchase, number of lactations, vaccination, etc. Farmer should keep records for daily milk yields, weight, Artificial Inseminations (AI), calving, vaccination, and medication, etc.

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