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BRASSUS has been the preferred feed mixing machine around the world for last many years, not everything about this machine has been revealed

BRASSUS has a ground-breaking and accepted BLACK & BOLD reduction group with a durability of 26 bolts.  BRASSUS’s performance is complemented by its perfect design and velvety matte black finish.

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Height:1,57 m1,82 m2,34 m2,20 m2,20 m2,35 m5,06 m2,53 m2,65 m
Width:1,41 m1,42 m1,46 m1,87 m1,87 m2,14 m2,23 m2,23 m2,23 m
Length:3,05 m3,43 m2,96 m4,58 m4,93 m5,06 m5,90 m6,35 m6,67 m
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