Dairy Farm Automation – Pros and Cons

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Dairy Farm Automation – Pros and Cons

The modern dairy farming technology which makes farmer life easy and reduces the need for man labor. Automatic milking systems project; evaluating milking efficiency in conventional dairies; investigating individualized feeding; and the precision dairy project. In this world of technologies, dairy farm automation is the best and easy way to check animal health and to record data with proper scheduling. In this blog, we outline the pros and cons of several technologies that are currently available, or on the horizon.

Automatic Milking parlor equiped with interpuls milking system

Nishat Dairy Farm

Electric milking machines are the most important and widely used technology in dairy farms. They can save man labor and time with the proper schedule and detailed data record. Computerized screening of milk detects instantly any disease developing in udder or any watery content in milk., even before showing any external symptoms in the animal. Routine checking and cleaning of the animal with record milk output (quality and quantity) increase the worth of milking machines.

Some of machine and detectors are also available to check the pregnancy status of cattle. Electric ear and neck tags are also used for heat detection and for pregnancy status of the cattle. Also, indicate and schedule the feed intake. Potentially detect heats and illness early, or without doing a visual assessment, help reduce workloads for key people and, also help staff who are less experienced in animal husbandry. These features of dairy technologies help the farmer to maintain the quality of farm and animal production.

The main disadvantage of this type of machinery is its cost, and they also need a timely inspection. Sometimes provide false alerts, e.g. identifies a cow as needing attention when she doesn’t. but If you cannot afford it and its expenses then you are not in the lane of dairy farm competitors.

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