Imported Cows from Australia | Salsabeel Dairy

Imported Cows from Australia | Salsabeel Dairy
Imported Cows from Australia | Salsabeel Dairy

 Imported cows from Australia at Salsabeel Dairy

In the dairy farm sector, the animal breed is the most important factor in success. According to consensus estimates, farm success mainly depends on animal genetics and farm management. So, if anyone wants to start a dairy business, he must do work on the animal breed and their quality and quantity of milk. According to research Australian cows (Imported Holstein Friesian, Cross Breed, Jersey) are very friendly to our Pakistani setup. Above all, we specially deal with imported Australian cows. check out our video of imported cows.

Dairy Solution private limited is offering the best-imported cows from Australia. We are providing complete guidance and advisory services to facilitate your animal buying process. In addition, we have the expertise, experience, and connections to make it easily possible for you to buy the best animal. Easy booking procedure. For more details contact us at: (+92)308-4441280, (+92)42-35169450.

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Dairy Solution Private Limited is a privately owned registered company, working in as dealer of BouMatic

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