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Cattle Breeds in Pakistan

Livestock in Pakistan has mainly included cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goat. They produce milk, meat, wool, and eggs. Among which milk and meat are the major products that are used by almost every food industry. Milk produced by buffalo, cattle, sheep, goat, and camel is a major contributor. Whereas buffalo and cattle are considered as major dairy animals. Cattle breeds in Pakistan are;

  • Sahiwal
  • Cholistani
  • Crossbred animal
  • Exotic breed


The Sahiwal cattle breed is an important genetic resource of Pakistan. Furthermore, some characteristics make their demand higher than another breed. In Pakistan for its milking ability and Australia for its beefing qualities. But it has also been exported to Africa, the Carribean, India and other parts of Asia. Hence, Sahiwal cattle are the best of cattle breeds in Pakistan.

Cattle Breeds Sahiwal in Pakistan

Cattle Breeds Sahiwal

  • Sahiwal cow is well adapted to the harsh climatic condition
  • Have adequate milk production- it has been recorded up to 40 liters per day.
  • Ease of calving
  • Longevity, reproducing for up to 20yrs
  • Drought resistant
  • Good temperament
  • Lean meat with even fat cover

Red Sindhi

Red Sindhi breed is originated in Sindh, Pakistan. They are also known for their high ability of milk production across Pakistan, India and other countries. They are also used for crossbreeding. Some of their characteristics are;

  • Heat tolerance,
  • Tick resistance,
  • Disease resistance,
  • Fertility at higher temperatures
  • Higher milk production found in temperate regions


Cholistani cattle are the ancestors of the Sahiwal breed. Its origin is from the cholistan desert area mainly from Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur. However, the main breed of cholistani cattle is preserved at Govt. livestock farm. Even more, they are contributing a significant share to national milk, meat, and wool output. Some of the characteristics are

  • Thermo-tolerant,
  • Udder is medium-sized
  • Milk production varied from 15–20 liters of milk per day
  • High production potential for nomadic herders
  • Tick-resistance and
  • Can tolerate severe heat stress

Crossbred animal

cows have good udders and excellent longevity


Crossbreeding is the process when one breed is crossing with another breed to produce a generation. They having traits of both breed cattle crossbreeding vary from animal to animal. In Pakistan crossbred animals are of Sahiwal, cholistani and red Sindhi, etc. these crossbred animals have;

  • Higher milk production,
  • Less calving gaps,
  • Early age of maturity and
  • More lactation periods as compared to other breeds.

Exotic breed

The exotic breed is the breeds who were developed at someplace and brought to another area. They are mostly used commercially as they maintain a very high standard of milk production, age of maturity and breeding efficiency. They should be given adequate feeding and good care.  Now, these exotic breeds are common in cattle breeds in Pakistan. As they are contributing a lot to the dairy industry. Main characteristics are;

  • Milk average 7655 liters per year
  • It can be bred at 15 months of age when they weigh about 800 pounds.
  • Production period is less due to high volume and stress on udder
  • But heat tolerance is not well

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