Maintenance of Agricultural Machinery

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Maintenance of Agricultural Machinery

Machinery that is used in farming or for other agricultural needs is known as agricultural machinery. And new technologies used in farms are term as farm automation.  There are many types of machinery from hand to power tools, from tractors to numerous kinds of farming equipment. These new technologies are used both for organic and non-organic farming. Most machinery is used to cultivate weeds from rows, also for spreading fertilizers and pesticides.  They are used for tightly packed grass and alfalfa into a storable form for summer and winter months. Maintenance of agricultural machinery must be done on time to prevent damage and to increase machine life.

Now in Pakistan, approximately all agricultural farms are relying on new agricultural technologies. Engines, pumps and other specialized gear provide water quickly with high volume to a large area of farms. That machinery is also used to deliver fertilizers and pesticides and other chemicals.

Machine used to produce mixes with varied fiber providing quality feed


The maintenance of agricultural machinery is very important for every successful farm. Especially in Pakistan, four seasons play a very important role in degrading the quality of machinery. Moreover, agricultural machinery is very costly, so their maintenance should be according to their usage and period. In Pakistan, increased competition in agricultural production, demands machinery maintenance and improvement. That aims to reduce expenditures by keeping maintenance records. Maintenance of agricultural machinery must follow these points:

  1. Temperature monitoring

Temperature assessment should be conducted to indicate problems. Such as excessive mechanical friction, degraded heat transfer, and poor electric connections.

  1. Dynamic monitoring

Measuring and analyzing energy released from agricultural machinery in the form of waves. Such as vibration, pulses, and acoustic effects and make them reduced

  1. Oil analysis

Oil analysis is very important in each machinery whether it is a hand tool or a power tool. Timely reporting of oil contamination, improper oil consistency, and oil deterioration can reduce extra expenditure.

Technician doing oil analysis of agricultural machinery

Oil Analysis

  1. Performance monitoring

Performance should be monitor regarding any change in variables. Such as pressure, temperature, power consumption, flow rate, components of Agri machinery. it can prevent major faults.

Above all, Dairy solution private limited deals in new technologies related to agricultural farming and dairy farming, making farmer’s life easy and increase production. So that they can contribute more to the country’s GDP.

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