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Buy Online KUHN EUROMIX I 870 – 70 Series range of single vertical auger mixer wagons is available in 8, 10 and 12 m3 giving all farmers the possibility to experience the benefits of a mixed ration.

The shape of the body and the position and profile of the augers have been specially designed to help the product flow freely in the machine, guaranteeing a really even mix.

A highly accurate weighing system helps guarantee efficient management of fodder stocks and rational feeding. The electronic weighing system supplied as standard on the KUHN mixer range lets you know exactly how much fodder is loaded into the machine and ingested by your animals.

The versatility of the EUROMIX I – 70 Series means that one machine can be used to produce mixes with varied fibre and dry matter rates. With the same concern for providing quality feed, the EUROMIX I – 70 Series produces an even distribution of fodder.

The small mixing auger diameter keeps the EUROMIX I – 70 Series power down to a necessary low: 60 hp for the 8 m3 model.

Its direct distribution meets the requirements of breeders using flat feed tables. It remains modular, adapting to use in various building layouts: right/left/front/rear distribution, chute, conveyor or both, etc…

You can easily buy online KUHN EUROMIX I 870 from our website.

Capacity (m3) 8
Augers Vertical
Number of augers 1
Distribution type Right and left (side delivery)
Overall height (m) 2.49
Overall width (m) 2.35
Weight (kg) 2970
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 44
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 60
Maximum number of Dairy Cows which can be fed with one load between 40 and 60


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