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The L80Air


The L80Air Pulsators design has been revamped, thanks to the appealing lateral geometry in harmony with the cover lines. The cover features the largest external filter of its kind, which generates a high and continuous air flow – Air Boost.  This ensures a gentle and homogeneous milking with first-class massage phases. The air filter can be cleaned with just one finger. The upper part of the cover is particularly ideal for bucket milking, because it grants a sturdy locking.

L80Air is available with the standard Milking Ratios and it represents the evolution of a classic of Pulsation, the perfect solution for the modern farmer.

The features and benefits of the L02Air:

  • Improved milking performance
  • Reinforced internal partition walls: additional protection from impurities
  • Gentle and uniform milking
  • Maintenance free
  • Sturdy and reliable 


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