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The Impulse Air Dairy Liner: 

The Impulse Air system is a unique development in milking technology. By introducing air at the mouthpiece of the dairy liner behind the milk, the potentially damaging effects of the vacuum are reduced. The air vent helps to move the milk away from the teats, keeping them dry, reducing splash back and preventing bacteria from entering the teat. The overall result of this air vent is a gentle massage on the teat, whilst also reducing the somatic cell count (SCC) and the risk of mastitis. The innovative triangular milking liner technology improves the liner’s grip on the teat, whilst the air vent improves the milk flow, increasing milk output and reducing cross-contamination. The Impulse Air system combines a revolutionary shell design with the anti-twist, interlocking triangular liner. Overall, the innovative Impulse Air Dairy liner delivers an enhanced milking performance.

The features and benefits of the Impulse Air Dairy Liner:

  • Improves teat condition: reduces teat congestion, teat ringing and hyperkeratosis
  • Dryer teats through milk removal and reduced splash back 
  • Improves overall herd health by reducing SCC and mastitis levels
  • Gentler milking results in a more relaxed herd giving relaxed parlour conditions
  • The liners triangular technology reduces slips and kick-offs
  • Less liner movement giving gentle opening and closing phases
  • A patented and award winning design 


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