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Milk Claws


The Impulse Milk Claw 300 has been produced using the latest design features. The modern cows rear teats are positioned closer together with a strong udder cleft. Therefore, the claw has ideally spaced nipples for optimal cluster positioning. The modular design also allows for milking in all parlour types, including milking through the rear legs as well as milking down the body of the animal, by rotating the claw lid 180 degrees.

The features and benefits of the Impulse Milk Claw 300:
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling.
  • Lightweight, compact and convenient.
  • The Impulse Claw 300 is supplied with or without a shutoff valve.
  • Robust plastic bowl can withstand any damage in the parlor.
  • 360-degree milk flow visibility.
  • Ideally spaced nipples for optimum cluster position and balance.


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