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Wash Cups and Trays


Optiflow III is the new washing unit suitable for even the most demanding of parlour conditions.

The features and benefits of the Optiflow III:

  • Improved cleaning thanks to the rotating flow
  • Excellent support for the milking cluster
  • Enhanced internal passages
  • Adjustable flow screws for balanced washing of the cluster from the tray
  • Reduction of unwanted air intake for Impulse Air
  • Folds up for storage and convenience
  • Wash pipe connection available for greater flexibility 
  • Automatic drain valve
The Optiflow III has a patented design. There is a vent on the side of the tray; this vent can be placed on both sides to connect a water inlet pipe according to the requirements of the parlour and the farmer. The wash tray is available to fit different clusters and liners. The tray is available with or without our candles:

  • Optiflow III FOLD.MR (CUP EU 39XZ – fits IP10 range)
  • Optiflow III FOLD.CANDLE (CUP EU 39XZ – fits IP10 range)
  • Optiflow III FOLD.MR (CUP USA,EU IPJC4 – fits IP3, IP4 and IP20 range)


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